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He doesn’t know this, but I notice him. Every time he arrives.
He walks in, and quickly observes the room, with a slight awkward dart of his eyes.
His Bible is always in his hand
He finds his place
A God created Man.

He takes a seat, and places heaven into his ears
Just like me.
Whatever song that might be,whatever he wishes to hear.

I feel connected
He studies here, and I feel blessed to witness this spiritual art.
He always wears a black leather jacket
On the back there is a cross = the symbol of a heart
Christ = Love
Yes. Hallelujah! Christ Equals Love!

God Bless Him.
I feel admiration. I am inspired. I am awakened.
No fear. No shame, in his claim.
I want to know him. Is that strange?

He is epic to me. A God-send to the atmosphere.
But does he know this?
Is this something that he needs to hear?
Gods voice of thunder, passing through stranger to stranger.
I can only wonder,ponder,if I should even render.
This place is public, and such a revelation could bring forth tears.
But such tears could release toxins, a tsunami of his pains and fears.

I don't speak though, not even a little.
I don't dare speak at all.
But I pray he continues on, and stays strong
Even when everyone around him begins to fall.

My soul waves to his, in the world of the spiritual unknown
I see you, I want to whisper
Because we are family, and he doesn't even know
I see you, I wish to say
In the body of Christ where we are all one
I see you, and I love you
With the agape love of the Father and Son.
I see him. I see him.
Every time. I see him.
But most importantly,
Above ALL
GOD Sees Him. Every Single Time


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