May. 10th, 2017

Lady Love

May. 10th, 2017 09:01 pm
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“There is a woman outside my window, and she won’t leave me alone. She keeps scratching. She keeps staring. With those dark sunken eyes and heavy bags, she keeps watching. Even when the sun is hiding behind clouds of gloom and doom, and the rain is pouring with thunder and lightning, she remains. Just Idling by… Unmoved... Never sleeping… Never resting…Never leaving.”
“Is that so?” I asked, as I adjusted myself in my seat excitedly. I was immediately intrigued. This was going to be an interesting session. Maybe even bizarre, but then again, every session with Lady Love was…something.
“Yes, “she answered solemnly, as she stood in front of the large window overlooking the rush of the Big Apple, dressed in all black as if attending a funeral. “One day, during a thunderstorm, I watched as this woman became soaked. I watched as her hair darkened and became matted and tangled. I watched as her foundation dissolve and turned into mush. I watched the rain drench her clothes till they clung to her soul.”
Lady Love paused and embraced herself, and gently rubbed her shoulders. She turned and looked at me with deep sorrow. “I watched rivers flow down her face,” she continued with a quivering voice.
I took in a sharp breath and held it for several seconds. Lady Love rarely looked me in the eyes. She hardly ever looked toward my direction period during a session. Beneath that dark fancy hat she wore today was the face of many dreams. So beautiful that it was almost celestial. The instant affect it had on me never died, nor faded. It remained, even after the session was over and she had gone back to wherever she had came.
“Exhale,” she said distantly, looking me over with weary eyes that resembled a starry night sky.
I exhaled then reddened with embarrassment. My breath had exited my mouth much louder than I preferred. It took several seconds for it to steady. If I would have held it any longer I would have most likely fainted.
I cleared my throat. “What do you think this woman wants? Have you considered going out to meet her?”
“No,” she answered sharply, turning back to the city. She placed one of her hands on the window. “One night, I did reach out to her though. I placed my hand on the window, just like this.”
“And?” I said, as I sketched her image at the bottom of my notebook.
“She placed her hand in the same place and closed her eyes,” Lady Love told me, closing her eyes as she did so. “And then I closed my eyes along with her.”
“And what did you see?” I asked eagerly.
“How do you know that I saw something?” she asked defensively, raising her voice. She jerked her hand back from the window and turned her head over her shoulder.
“I…don’t, exactly,” was all I could say. But, to be honest, I did. For some reason that I can’t explain, I just knew she had saw something.
“This session is over,” she said sharply, so sharp that it cut.
I cringed. “Why? What has-“
“I’m done for the day,” she cut me off angrily. Then turned and stormed out of my office.
She let the door slam behind her, and I could hear the sound of her black heeled boots stomping away down the long hallway. The long hallway of a rather large building that suddenly felt cold and empty with each fading step.


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